Mauna is a comprehensive platform that brings together a host of natural language and speech models in a declarative product. The core product is a framework for creating natural-sounding, intelligent conversational agents without having to learn advanced AI, NLU or deep learning, etc.
"It's 2019. Why do Alexa, Siri, and voice apps, etc. still suck?"
Building general‐purpose agents like Siri is very, very hard. However, for most applications, full generality is not necessary and even modest constraints can dramatically reduce complexity. It should be simple to build these applications with the tools we have today. But it isn’t. There is an unfulfilled need for the tools and infrastructure required to build human‐like conversational interfaces and we intend to address it.
1. In the near future, speech will become an important mode of interaction at par with what visual Uis are today. 2. Tools for creating and consuming natural voice experiences are at the same stage as web browsers were 20 years ago. 3. An immense engineering effort is needed to build a platform for creating natural, intelligent voice interfaces while preserving relatable mental models that an average developer can understand. Hence, Mauna.
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Our biggest motivation, as creators, is to scratch the itch that came from a non‐technical friend asking us,